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February Theme

Believe in Yourself

"I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today. I am today what I established yesterday or some previous day."

James Joyce

Every month Century Management is publishing a series of Blog posts based on a particular theme. The theme for February is "Believe in Yourself"

January Theme

What is your Strategic Direction for 2014?

The challenge for many people is taking time to identify, picture and vision what the future holds for them.

Every month Century Management is publishing a series of Blog posts based on a particular theme. The theme for January is "What is your Strategic Direction for 2014?"

Be Not Afraid...I Go Before You

A Collection of Stories filled with love, loss and hope, written by Loved Ones who have been Bereaved and compiled by Imelda K Butler

Be Not Afraid...I Go Before You is a compilation of stories of love and loss written by partners, parents, children, siblings and friends who have been bereaved.

Business Model Innovation

Proven Strategies That Actually Work

This book offers a practical, proven system for bringing clarity and focus to your quest for maximizing the potential of your business. Every Business has a model but..

Leadership Competency Process Programme

Century Management's 'signature' MASTERCLASS

The Rubicon LCP masterclass is a comprehensive program that focuses on equipping managers, business owners and professionals with higher levels of competency mastery, interpersonal skills and team contribution, culminating in...

Crossing the Rubicon Book

Seven Steps to Writing Your Own Personal Strategy

This book is a practical, proven, system to bring clarity and focus to your personal life and professional achievements. This book is for everyone interested in maximising their personal and professional potential, personal effectiveness and financial prosperity.

Successful Entrepreneurial Management

How to Create Personal and Business Advantage

In clear, simple terms, author John Butler makes a powerful economic case for creating a synergy that combines the natural and acquired skills of the entrepreneur with those of the corporate professional manager.

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  • Strategic Organisation Development Consultancy, Dublin, Ireland.

    A Strategic Management Consultancy established in 1989, in Ireland, Century Management is primarily a business strategy consultancy, engaged in strategic human performance improvement, culminating in organisation-wide systemic and cultural change, augmented by tailored learning and development programmes.

    We are specialists in organisation change management, cultural transformation and strategic thinking and planning for organisational alignment and excellence.

    We benchmark leadership competency through a strategic human performance improvement process.

    We have a core competency in the area of project consultancy and management development, with special emphasis on developing internal systems and processes for sustainable follow-through and implementation, especially in the areas of internal communications, teambuilding, facilitation, and executive coaching.

    We have a core competency in competency benchmarking, measurement and development of organisation and individual talent.

    We have a capability to develop internal consultants for ongoing organisation development and change management through a train the trainer process and presentation skills programme.

    Integrating a sales management system with tailored sales training is a unique approach to sales and marketing. Customer relationship management is a cultural issue as well as a process/system.

    We have vast experience in instructional design, with the specific capability to develop, design and deliver tailored training and development programmes, using best-practice learning principles through the medium of classroom, e-learning and/or advanced workshops.

    We frequently act as recruitment and business advisors, facilitate think-tanks with senior groups, conduct executive coaching and mentoring, and conduct public speaking engagements.

    Century Management – Creating Business Advantage
    Through Strategic Human Performance Improvement

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      Why review your history?? Because the stories before you – episodes of your life – have made you who yo...
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      People are often too busy ‘doing and working’ to take time out to assess and take stock of where they are now an...
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        Stress can build up when you start to think and believe the demands put upon you exceed your experience, t...


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