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Apr 2013


Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN THE WORKPLACE How aware are you of your emotions and reactions in the workplace? How effective are you at managing your attitude? How well do you manage your relationships and connect with people? Emotional Intelligence is the balancing factor between critical thinking and performance outcomes. Emotional Intelligence in the workplace provides the […]


Feb 2013


Emotional Intelligence

The emotional workplace challenges are summed up in three statements: 1. People join companies and leave people 2. It’s 1% perspiration and 99% inspiration 3. Selling is 100% emotional. Critical thinking is important, but emotional intelligence is vital. The challenge for modern management is defined as the necessity to develop people through work. Traditional management […]


Feb 2013


Listen with Your Heart

Interpersonal communications can be fraught with mis-interpretation. Often what is meant is not what is said and then it can be mis-interpreted anyway. Hence the difficulty in understanding and becoming a master communicator. How can you expect someone else to understand you when you don’t truly understand yourself? Lack of communications is cited as the […]