Accountability and Responsibility

When political, business or institutional leaders fail to take full responsibility and accountability or fudge issues, we squirm with embarrassment.


On a personal basis, how do you deal with a member of your staff consistently making apparently valid excuses for under performance and under achievement in work?

Taking responsibility is about being truly honest and taking 100% charge of in all aspects of your life and work.

Responsibility means you are morally liable to account for your actions.

Making excuses and blaming others is the outward manifestation of a lack of responsibility.

Taking 100% responsibility requires that each individual accepts that they are responsible, accountable and behave in an honest, mature, straightforward manner in all life and work situations. There are no grey areas and no percentage acceptance of responsibility. From the age of 18 each person is 100% responsible for their lives, actions and results.

Here are three key focus areas to take accountability and responsibility:

1. Personal responsibility – move to maturity in all your activities

2. Professional responsibility – take ownership in a purposeful way of all work/business related issues

3. Leadership responsibility – commit to your long term core principles and direction and that of your organisation.

Without commitment there is hesitation, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.

Are you 100% responsible in all aspects of your life and work?

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