Commit to Action

‘Without commitment there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back’.

You have too much going on to commit to any more personal or work decisions. You are already overburdened with your current commitments and cannot see the wood from the forest. This is the challenge of our time. This is the challenge that overwhelms you from seeing the opportunities that inevitably will cross your path.

commit to a decision

Commit to Action

Commit to yourself to take full responsibility for your life and work. Decide to cross your personal Rubicon and take bold action with no turning back, no reverting to old safe ways of work or life. Make a decision and stick with it. Commit to learning above all. Accept life will challenge you. Commit to higher order things. Sign up. Go public.

Ideally you should pick three or four areas of your life and decide to make decisions about your preferred position.

Consider the following:

Commit to yourself and mean it and follow through with your decisions.

Identifying and taking decisions on major issues can impact greatly on your life and career.

Often the decision making process needs consultation and a defined process to ensure that the decisions you make fulfill their objectives.

Do you have a major decision to make in life or business?

Have you considered the need for consultation or support?

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