Defining And Benchmarking The Job

If your job could speak what would it say are the competencies necessary for superior performance?

benchmarking the job

Clarifying the nature of today’s job and learning about the many roles in the job are two areas that often need attention. Learning to link the job to operations and strategy, and learning the importance of ‘the fit’ between the right person and the right job is fundamental to benchmarking the job. You will understand the factors measured and see applications to competency development. Finally, you will learn to evaluate your own personalised job benchmark.

The nature of work and ‘the job’ has changed dramatically over the last number of decades.

Concepts such as employability, the knowledge worker, human capital, talent management and the virtual office, have forced executives to consider how they define and relate to the critical arrangements and expectations that managers/employers and employees have with each other and their jobs.

Consider how well you know your job and the possibility of executing the responsibilities of your job in a consistently excellent manner.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand and complete a job description

2. Understand the importance of the job role

3. Complete the key accountabilities exercise for your job

4. Benchmark your job across three critical dimensions

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