Determine Your Return

determine your return

Be clear about the question ‘what business are you in?’

Do you tend to give a product or functional answer to this question because conventional wisdom, the comfort zone and habit have you trapped with what the majority of people might say? Or do you consider your own unique value and contribution on a higher level?

Develop an attitude of self employment (even if you are self-employed take your thinking to a new level). Ultimately, everyone is on a commission. Appreciate that as a worker – everyone is a worker – you are an economic unit and your ability to make money and make a valuable contribution is your most valuable asset. (As a human being you are as free and equal as the richest person on earth).

What is the value of your contribution in hard cold financial and economic terms? Determine to isolate tasks and goals that demonstrate a return on investment beyond your basic costs. Determine your return on investment (ROI) that is a multiple of your costs.

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