Explaining Your Story

People explain things in so many different ways that it can be difficult to understand their style and the level of importance to attach to their message because of over drama or lack of basic communications skills.

Poor communications is a challenge everywhere and the bad news is most people are blissfully ignorant that they are breaking the ‘rules’.

To be effective with the skill of explaining you must speak clearly, directly and logically. Your colleague, client or  boss are more likely to understand and accept your ideas if they are directed to their needs and connected to their thinking, emotions and motivations

Before you explain anything have a clear picture in your mind of what you want to communicate, to whom and the response you would like to get  eg what role or action will you want the receiver to take.

Apply the four Cs

Develop clarity: remember less is more, don’t over elaborate, you may run the risk of boring or causing loss of interest;

Use commonsense: is now the right time to explain;

Be creative: if you want to sell a holiday/ trip to your partner – paint stories, show pictures, recall happy images;

Have confidence: don’t hide your good ideas under a bushel.

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