Job Benchmarking: Let the Job Speak

“If the job could speak what would it say are the competencies necessary for superior performance?”

This is the big question in benchmarking the job and performance management. The natural tendency to focus on the applicant in an interview situation or on the person currently doing the job is a major mistake. It puts the cart before the horse.Rarely do people shape the job.

Entrepreneurs are a good example of this, but even they have to learn professional management best practice as they move beyond the one-man-band stage of their development.

Defining the Job Competencies

Defining the Job Competencies

Two broad job areas can be assessed. The degree of performance excellence and the standard of behaviours/attitudes required for the job. We measure both areas against the job and the person. Identifying the match or fit between the right job and the right person is performance management in action.

How do you define the job benchmark? Every job is unique. Every team is unique. Every organisation is unique. Most unique of all is a system to identify, prioritise and calibrate high performance criteria for a job or position. Positions are difficult to analyse because different people see the job differently. There are three ways people view a position:

The Leadership Competency Model can be adjusted to fit the job’s needs in the most appropriate way. We do, however, follow certain principles. Job competencies should be:

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