Key Accountabilities of the Job

Defining the Key Accountabilities of the Job

Key Accountabilities are the critical success factors and clear job outcomes/drivers that define any job. A position’s accountabilities are not the same as a job description.

They answer these fundamental questions about the job:

Accountabilities define the reasons why the position is necessary in the first place.

Bringing clarity and focus to the underlying reasons for the job helps avoid the single biggest reason why people fail in jobs. This reason is misfit or a mismatch between the person and the job. They also lay the groundwork for management to move forward in defining the supporting behaviours, motivators, skills, capacities and cultural rewards that will support successful achievement of the position’s accountabilities.

A position’s critical accountabilities are defined through a facilitated process in which participants who are familiar with the position explore, validate and quantify its “reason for being.” Those involved in the process can be chosen from employees who formerly held the position, the manager and/or a former manager of the position, and key managers/staff that interact closely with the position on a regular basis.

Examples Of Key Accountabilities:

Position Accountabilities: National Sales Manager


Position Accountabilities: Operations Manager

Facilitating the Key Accountabilities Process

Follow these points with great care as you complete the process:

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