Know Yourself


Understand why you act and react to situations, people and circumstances the way you do. Why do you ‘lose it’ sometimes? Why do you get angry or moody? Knowing how you approach work and life and why other people don’t approach work and life the same way is a mystery for too many. How do you manage stress? Stress and emotional deficits are Rubicon weights you don’t need.

People are different and different doesn’t mean wrong. Take time to get an appreciation of your natural style and approach to work and life and then seek to understand first rather than being understood. Become a people expert by understanding why people act and react the way they do. Accept that more than 80% of your problems will be people related. The secret is not to be found in others but in yourself. In fact the most annoying person in your world has been sent to you as a gift.

Complete a temperament behavioural analysis to validate your understanding of yourself.

Then use the science to study and understand the people you interact with regularly. Look in the mirror for your answers and responses to others.

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