Live on Purpose

There are so many calls on your life and time that there is never enough time to address what you really want from your life. The financial, economic, work and family pressures demand that you stay on the treadmill of life. This is the great challenge for virtually everyone in a productive role.


fullfilling your purpose

When you identify your true talents and gifts and start to live and work by them, you start to live ‘on purpose’. A moment truly arrives when you discover your own talents and apply them ‘ lest you go to the grave with your music still in you’(as the poet once said). So identify what you truly love to do and then determine to do more of it in your life and work. The majority of the working population hate going to work … you do not need this tragedy.

Take time to identify your true talents and decide to cross your rubicon and commit to the action necessary to start living on purpose. Get help if necessary. The power of purpose on its own will set you apart from the rat race. What comes easy to you? What do you love to do? These are clues to your purpose.


How are you fulfilling your purpose in life?

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