Managing Interruptions

One of the main challenges at work on a day by day basis is that it’s difficult to focus on key objectives and critical success factors because of the number of interruptions you face on a minute by minute basis. It can be difficult to retain clarity of mind and focus with the volume of interruptions and this almost inevitably leads to diffusion of effort and dysfunction throughout life and business.

Become a master of your time management

The best way to manage interruptions is to become a master of your time management. Everyone appreciates the need to be well organised, effective, efficient and in control of the sequence of the events of the day. The secret of the ‘organised person’ is that they get the right things done by being disciplined and focused on the things under their control. They think strategically, plan ahead for themselves and the team, prepare thoroughly and focus on specific results in agreed time frames.

Get organised

The better organised you are in the factors that are under your control, the greater the freedom and flexibility you will have to adjust to interruptions and keep them to a minimum.

Imagine someone were to offer you a million euro to manage your interruptions superbly over the next month; imagine an efficiency expert were to follow you around checking on you. After 30 days you would receive the million euro if you managed your time and interruptions effectively. So, decide now to manage your life and time effectively by minimising your interruptions and controlling the contollables.

Do not let the thief of life – interruptions – stop you from achieving your potential.

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