Personal Strategy

Strategy brings clarity and focus to what you do and how you do it. Strategy is a thinking and planning process for life and business.

Personal Strategy

The challenges with setting a personal strategy are primarily time and know-how.

Where do you start, what framework or guidelines do you use and how do you get the time to think about it and write it into a document? If you succeed in overcoming these two challenges the next obstacle is commitment. How do you develop the commitment and discipline to stick to your strategy?

Most people wouldn’t dare build a house without a clearly approved plan. However, many people try to live and build their lives without any planning.

Strategic thinking is visioning in action. It is the ability to see the ‘big picture’ ‘to dream the dream’. And strategic planning is the ability to tangibilise that vision; to set a plan to bring it into reality.

There is a ‘Seven-step Crossing The Rubicon Strategic Thinking and Planning process’ specifically designed to help the individual write their personal strategy.

We recommend you take time to think, plan and write your personal strategy and then follow-through with action. This process will enable you live ’on purpose’ – following your dream, achieving your purpose and objectives from life in a meaningful way.

Are you following a personal strategy?

How you clarified your goals and objectives in life?

Are you prepared to invest in your dreams?

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