Principle of Belief

Many people have self-limiting beliefs which keep them from achieving their true potential in life.

“They go to their grave with their music still in them” simply because they didn’t believe they had the potential to be, have or do something.

The first challenge is to identify self-limiting beliefs and the second one is to have the courage to kick that belief out so it doesn’t control your life anymore.

Your beliefs determine your actions and your life outcomes.

‘As a man thinketh in his heart so is he’.

Some of your beliefs may be serving you well, others may have served you well in the past and yet others may not be serving you well now or for your future happiness. Test your beliefs. How are they serving you now, for your future happiness? Is it possible you may have to shed some of your old beliefs? Could you be wrong about something you thought you knew for certain?

Be prepared to change and grow and move beyond the self limitations you placed on your life, yourself and your happiness.

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