Principle of Cause and Effect

The world is a mess and there is so much dysfunction in society that the causes and effects are too much for one person to change. What can each person do to change the world, environment or even oneself.

There is a sense of security and comfort in victim language and helpless behaviours. The big challenge is first to change your thinking then your actions.

There is a cause for every effect in the universe. There is a reason for every consequence in your life. The principle is psychological in nature, in that a thought triggers an action, either positive or negative.

‘Whatsoever a man soweth, that also shall he reap’ is how it is explained in the Bible. Like the farmer sowing seed or the gardener planting an apple tree – they will expect to harvest the fruit of their planting. So too whatever thoughts you plant in your mind, leads to your choices and decisions and your actions which in turn gets the result you sowed. Be mindful of the effects your thinking is having on your life.

Sow positive seeds and think and act in harmony with what you do want in order to give yourself a strong chance of reaping a healthy harvest.

Effects or conditions are real ‘live’ evidence of causes that are mostly psychological. So learn to link cause and effect.

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