Principle of Expectations


There can be many conflicting expectations from self, parents, family, career, boss. These expectations may be implicit or explicit, spoken or non-verbal, they can be negative or positive. They can be motivational or depressing. In the business world, there is an implicit expectation that mergers and acquisitions should work when in fact statistics tell us that 70% of all mergers and acquisitions fail because of erring expectations. People expect culture and people to fit without the necessary integration and processes to bring about a cohesive new culture.

Setting clear, positive expectations seem to act as an organising principle in how worthwhile things get done.

For expectations to have a positive impact there are two fundamental pre-conditions to anchor any work on expectation management. These two fundamentals are trust & authentic communication.

Unclear and unfulfilled expectations are the single most common cause of performance problems in organisations. The manager expects one thing and the employee delivers another thing and communications are blurred – hence under performance. Clarify your personal life expectations in your head around what career/role best matches your talents and make them explicit to yourself and others.

Stop trying to live up to others expectations of you and live your live as the ‘best you can be’ utilising your talents and gifts.

In the workplace seek clarification on all matters and clarify roles and responsibilities to prevent ambiguity or confusion and establish clear purposeful action and results.

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