Setting Your Goals

The challenge often is that people are too busy working hard making a living and don’t plan time to set goals and work in a purposeful way to achieve them.

If you have no goals SET, how can you ACHIEVE them?

Alice asked the Cheshire cat ‘which way do I go from here?. To which the Cheshire cat replied ‘that depends on where it is you want to go’.

Hence the need for goals to give direction and focus.

Goal setting is the master skill of personal or business strategy formulation. Goal achieving is the master skill of strategy execution. When you set a goal as part of your strategy, you automatically register it into your subconscious mind which then takes on a power of its own and moves you towards the achievement of that goal.

Strategic goals should be in line with your long term vision for your life and they must be SMART which is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results oriented and Time Bound. Goals bring clarity and focus to your life. They must have metrics and measures so you can determine your progress and achievements.

“Knowing where you are is easy. Determining where you are going, that’s the challenge”

Write down your goals in two categories:

1. Strategic Goals – that you will achieve over the next 24 months and

2. Tactical action steps – are the detailed tactical plans you will take to achieve the strategic goals.

You can have strategic goals in a number of critical areas of your life. eg Career/ Financials/ Professional Development, Personal Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health & Fitness/ Family & Friends & Project Goals.

Your tactical action steps will take into account all the activities you must do to achieve the overall goals.

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