Success Assessment

success assessment

What is success? How successful are you? What criteria are you using to determine how you are doing? Is finding success a talent or skill or luck? How do you know when enough is enough by your definition?

Many people struggle with the term success and what the definition of success means for themselves rather than defining it by external factors.

Defining what success means for you is the first step to achieving it. Success is as unique as your finger print; it is a personal subjective experience.

The ultimate definition of success is happiness and peace of mind. Everybody wants to be happy and have peace of mind – however they define that happiness. Peace of mind can be defined as being in control of your own destiny, to be connected and to enjoy the journey of life.

The happiest people in life have high levels of self-regard, self-confidence and personal pride. The good news is that you can learn to be happy.

Happiness has been defined as the progressive realisation of a worthy goal. Therefore it would appear that having goals and purpose and working to achieve them contribute to your happiness.

“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend

on who you are or what you have;

it depends solely on what you think.”

— Dale Carnegie, Author


Conduct a Personal Success Survey to assess your current measure of Success. Measure yourself on a score of 1-10 on the following:

‘Six Classic Factors of Success’:

  1. Happiness & Peace of Mind
  2. Good Physical Health
  3. Quality Relationships
  4. Purposeful Work
  5. Financial Freedom
  6. Self Actualisation – living a full life

Assess your current score and take some decisive action steps based on your results to increase your levels of success and happiness in life.

Remember ‘Success is a journey not a destination’.

How did you score on your personal survey?

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