Team Development

Team Development

One of the biggest challenges for leaders is to develop strong teams where 2+2=5 or 7 or more; in other words how do you maximise the power of team. Two Clydesdale horses can pull a load of 20 tons; four can pull a load of 50 tons. The power of six can pull 100 tons. How can we get this impact with teams?

A team is bigger and better than the sum of its parts. John Adair developed Action Centred Leadership based on three aspects of team leadership.

The three critical areas are:

There are many different types of teams –so when forming a team consider the appropriate type for the situation.

Be aware of the four different stages of team formation and manage the team through them to success. These stages are

Formula for Teambuilding

The GRIP teambuilding formula gives a simple straightforward system to build teams as follows:

‘What gets measured gets done’

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