The Competency-Based Position Survey

The competency-based position survey helps to sort out underlying ‘biases’ and get to the ‘real performance issues’. Your own ‘job experts’ use it to analyse the unique configuration of skills, knowledge, intelligence, experiences, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs required by a specific job.

In the majority of cases, when you match a person who has those talents being asked for by the job, you are on your way to ‘predicting’ superior performance. When you mismatch the job and the person, you end up with poor performance.

If my job could talk …

What would it say are the competencies necessary for superior performance?

Performance Excellence

Analysing, Researching and Benchmarking the Critical Competencies for Performance Excellence

How would the job describe the attitudes, attributes, behaviours, skills, beliefs and knowledge needed for optimum performance? The Position Survey asks the right questions in all of the areas needed to clarify key competencies required by the position. When you understand the competencies required by the job, you will understand what top performers bring to it. The Competency Based Position Survey:

Benchmarking performance requires a thorough and objective view of the position. If your ‘job experts’ only deliver average performance, the benchmark will naturally reflect average performance. Benchmarking is only effective with superior performers.

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