The Leadership Competency Model

The Leadership Competency Model provides a platform to explore strategic human performance improvement and is visually displayed as follows:


Defining & Benchmarking The Core Competencies Of The Job

Measuring Your Personal & Professional Talents/Competencies

Developing Competency Solutions To Help Deliver Consistently Excellent Performance

The Leadership Competency Model

The Leadership Competency Model is a systems thinking and planning approach. It helps link people, learning and performance to better results and sustainable strategic advantage. It’s talent management in action.

The Leadership Competency Model provides a systematic process of benchmarking, measuring and developing important competency gaps. It also provides extensive job and people management indicators to help the individual and the organization blend into a successful match.

  1. First, we identify key accountabilities and benchmark the job and critical parameters surrounding the position.
  2. Second, we measure the most important personal/professional, team and organizational competencies and measure them against the best-practice job benchmark.
  3. Third, we develop and implement appropriate solutions to bridge the competency gaps and align human performance interventions with the strategic thinking and planning of the organization.

In-house Human Resource Specialists can be trained to administer this process for long term continuity over integrated areas. e.g.

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