Turning Your Talents into Strategic Competencies

Competencies are the combination of behaviours, attitudes, values, skills, learned practices and emotional intelligence applied by effective people to deliver superior results.


Turn Your Talents into Strategic Competencies

Your job has been benchmarked across 37 factors, and 11 talent factors have been identified as critically important. If your job could speak, it would say that these 11 factors are the critical competencies necessary for superior performance. Everything is not equally important. Some jobs rank or call for different competency requirements as a matter of priority.

Keep in mind that job competencies emerge from the combination of latent and acquired talents and are magnified by the attitudes, efforts and time invested to deliver consistently excellent performance. Your natural talents are often obvious, yet not fit with the requirements of the job. The truth is this: you are unlikely to reach your full potential or cross your personal Rubicon unless you fully appreciate the fit between your talents and your job requirements.

Your challenge is to meet and surpass the talent requirements of the job and to turn your natural talents into competencies that transform your on-the-job performance.

The three areas are:

1. Temperament : Behavioural Analysis

2. Workplace Motivators/Drivers/Passions : Culture and Reward

3. Attributes : Personal Skills Hierarchy

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