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Our purpose in business is to facilitate individuals, teams and organisations to identify their purpose, clarify their passions and fulfil their potential in life and work... lest you go to the grave with your music still in you!!

Our history extends over thirty successful years of partnering with clients to maximise their results and rewards.

Imelda K Butler
Our sister company Odyssey Consulting Institute focusses on "The Business of Consulting"... which provide methodologies and processes to consultants worldwide, on how to build, grow and transform their consulting businesses.

We welcome the opportunity to connect and support you in fulfilling your purpose in business and life.

Strategic Organisation Development Consultancy

A Strategic Management Consultancy established in 1989, in Ireland, Century Management is primarily a business strategy consultancy, engaged in strategic human performance improvement, culminating in organisation-wide systemic and cultural change, augmented by tailored learning and development programmes.

We are specialists in organisation change management, cultural transformation and strategic thinking and planning for organisational alignment and excellence.

We benchmark leadership competency through a strategic human performance improvement process.

We have a core competency in the area of project consultancy and management development, with special emphasis on developing internal systems and processes for sustainable follow-through and implementation, especially in the areas of internal communications, teambuilding, facilitation, and executive coaching.

We have a core competency in competency benchmarking, measurement and development of organisation and individual talent.

We have a capability to develop internal consultants for ongoing organisation development and change management through a train the trainer process and presentation skills programme.

Integrating a sales management system with tailored sales training is a unique approach to sales and marketing. Customer relationship management is a cultural issue as well as a process/system.

We have vast experience in instructional design, with the specific capability to develop, design and deliver tailored training and development programmes, using best-practice learning principles through the medium of classroom, e-learning and/or advanced workshops.

We frequently act as recruitment and business advisors, facilitate think-tanks with senior groups, conduct executive coaching and mentoring, and conduct public speaking engagements.


Century Management - Creating Business Advantage Through Strategic Human Performance Improvement



Surveys form a critical part of the Century Management Portfolio of Solutions. They are comprehensively developed to define the job benchmarks and measure individual competencies.


Odyssey: The Business of Consulting is the result of a focus on how independent consulting practices and small consulting firms operate. The focus is on selling, positioning and building a profitable consulting business.

TTI Ireland

TTI Success Insights believe all people have unique talents and skills of which they are often unaware. TTI Success Insights exists to reveal and harness this talent using the "Science of Self".



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