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If YOU are a private individual and are interested in your own personal achievement, professional growth, and competency development, then you will find lots of areas of interest in the Century Management site.

You may play many roles at home (father/mother, sister/brother, son/daughter, breadwinner, community helper, neighbour) and at work (manager, sales person, team contributor, organiser, leader) which stretch your capabilities, time and energy resources.

Balancing home and work scenarios is a lifestyle issue. You may have neglected yourself in your drive to do a good job or create a happy home. The following links may lead you to areas of interest:


If YOU are a small company owner, director or manager, and want to manage it better, turn it around, build it up, then you will find lots of areas of interest in the Century Management website. In Ireland, we define a small business as 5-50 employees, or €300,000 to €3,000,000 turnover (A micro business is a self-employed person or a business with 2/3 staff).

Small businesses have a multitude of challenges and we have worked with thousands of business owners at various levels over 15 years. You will need to be willing to learn the discipline of investing time and money on your business rather than in your business. Common sense is not necessarily common practice in small businesses. Hard work may not be SMART work. Best practice management techniques can be learned the hard way by trial and error, or by learning the lessons ahead.

The following links may lead you to areas of interest:

These purchases may help you get to know our style and approach to working with small businesses:


A medium-sized company is defined, in Ireland, as 50-300 staff, or €5million to €100 million turnover).

Medium-sized companies have complex challenges around human performance improvement, operational effectiveness and strategy formulation/implementation.

Increasing revenue figures, reducing waste and building long-term return on investment is the central aspect of our work for over 15 years with medium-sized companies.

We have well developed systems and practices to help you achieve your business goals better, faster and easier. However, there is a ‘getting-to-know-you’ process that is essential to a good partnership and we suggest you think of your top three (concerns) areas for improvement (e.g. sales growth, poor management practices, succession/board discipline) then review the relevant parts of our website to familiarise yourself. Then call us.

These purchases on our online shop may broaden your view with regard to who we are and what we do.


If YOU are a functional manager, CEO or senior executive in a large corporate or multi-national organisation and want to improve performance across your business or in your division, or with selected career achievers, then we would be delighted to explore how we might support you in achieving your goals.

(In Ireland, we have worked with household corporates such as: Oracle, Microsoft, Nissan Ireland, OKI, O2, Esat BT, Jurys Doyle Group, Anglo Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland etc.) The challenges of change, globalisation, competition, technology means that the biggest and best must be ever alert and flexible to survive, thrive and add-value.

Talent Management is a critical competency that Century Management are expert in. Aligning processes, people and strategy is another.

Review your areas of concern and contact us for a discussion. These purchases at our shop-online area may give you deeper insight into who we are and what we do:


If YOU are a consultant in Ireland, and would like to become one of our Associates, to add-value, leverage and resources to your current client offering, then you may be interested in exploring our portfolio of solutions and our ‘consultant to the consultant’ services.

If YOU are an independent or small firm consultant it is possible to leverage your expertise more than you can imagine by doing certain business practices as opposed to being a lone consulting soldier.

Review our Consultant/Associate tab and follow the steps of qualification therein:

The following purchases may give you a deeper insight into who we are and how we can help you change your consulting business for the better:

10 Lessons I’ve Learned Selling €14 million worth of Consulting (CD)

Overcoming the Consulting Feast or Famine


If YOU are an officer, manager or senior executive from the public sector, government department, or semi-state organization, then you may like our entrepreneurial approach to the world of progress and improvement. We bring our fresher approach to the public sector with no apologies because we believe change, organisational development and communications are equally applicable to all organizations. (In Ireland, we have worked with the Revenue Commissioners, ESB, GAA etc).

In our experience, public sector managers have a fear about our approach before engaging us (because they like safety), but love our ‘each one, change one’ empowering inner game approach when they work with us.

We will not compromise our soul or conform to convention just to get the business therefore we get only 3% of our business from this sector.

You could change all that by grasping the challenge of real public/private engagement.


YOU are a partner, director or senior executive in a compatible business in Ireland, or internationally, and are open to exploring how we might do business together, then you might seek out possible areas of alliance by reviewing our site.

We have long-term partnerships with local and global organisations that served both sides very well.