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Nov 2010


Developing A Customer Service Excellence Culture

Product innovations can be copied, promotional campaigns can be mimicked, as can technology and design advancements. Developing a Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Culture, however, is an intangible intellectual resource, which is very difficult to copy. How to create this intangible’ advantage is still, apparently, a mystery to most organisations. The evidence is apparent in the […]


Jul 2010


Business Owner/Managers Need to Survive and Recalibrate

What’s your  business goals  in these trying times? Ireland has been hit with an economic tsunami! So has everywhere else it seems. What kind of business management culture do you want to develop?


Feb 2009


Creating Customer Service Advantage by Changing Your Culture

Delivering ‘good’ customer care is no longer good enough to gain strategic  competetive advantage for your business.You must deliver Customer Service Excellence. Marketing management and innovation should focus every effort on an implementation strategy that achieves this goal.   How do you create long-term, sustainable, business advantage with customer service  as the leadership focus ?


Feb 2009


Innovation & Positioning: It

Innovation,innovation,innovation is the mantra in businesses and management circles every day. Yet when ‘conventional wisdom’ enters the room it wins hands down in 80% of businesses! What a strange contradiction. Most businesses copy what their competitors do! They copy their product feature and how they promote and sell their product. Copycats!  Here is a man […]