The life of Century Management

Background and History: Century Management

Century Management is a leader in the creation of results-oriented organisations. We work in partnership with client organisations to improve performance and empower them to identify and implement world-class solutions.

Our international alliances and associations enable us to deliver current global thinking in a practical way enabling management to themselves implement best practices in their organisation.

A Strategic Management Consultancy established in 1989, in Ireland by John and Imelda Butler, Century Management is primarily a strategy consultancy, engaged in strategic human performance improvement, culminating in organisation-wide systemic and cultural change, augmented by tailored learning and development programmes.

John Butler co-founder of Century Management sadly passed away in July 2010. May he rest in peace. However, his legacy and commitment to excellence lives on in the firm under the visionary insightful strategic leadership of Imelda Butler.

We are specialists in organisation change management, cultural transformation and strategic thinking and planning for organisational alignment and excellence.

The Associate Network

Century Management has restructured its business and reinvented its approach to creating business advantage by forming alliances with strategic consulting partners (Associates') in the Irish marketplace. Our traditional best practices' approaches have been integrated with the latest internet technologies in the business development arena and will now be available for carefully selected strategic partners called "Associates".

"Our goal is to help YOU as an Associates add-value to what you already contribute to your clients. To help you leverage YOUR client opportunity and potential with our experience, expertise, resources and portfolio of solutions."

The Structure of a Strategic Consulting Partnership

Leveraging-off our management development, strategic, consulting and practical hands-on sales, marketing and organisation development work over the last 15 years is essential grounding for working with consulting units. The new positioning for this division of Century Management is centred around three areas:

1. The Associates' Business

The Associate's consulting business is supported and enriched by this partnership and retains its total identify and market approach. The Century Management portfolio of solutions adds-value, resources and capability to what you already do in your business.

2. Odyssey: The Business of Consulting

Century Management provides a consultancy service to its associated consultants in the form of sales and marketing advice, consulting programmes and the collective intellectual capital of the network. Backup to the product portfolio through one-to-one coaching, e-mentoring and group facilitation are available as necessary. Best-practice workshops, clinics, think-tanks, retreats, brainstorming sessions will be organised to support the network as appropriate.

Partnership support will become more relevant as the technology revolution, globalisation and accelerated change continues to dominate the business world. Consultants themselves will need advanced professional services to keep abreast of the avalanche of knowledge and speed of change in the general marketplace, but also in their own industry.

3. Portfolio of Solutions

The mix of products and solutions from the Century Management stable are world-class. They have been thoroughly validated, tested in the marketplace and proven by client organisations.