Senior Executive Mentoring and Coaching

The overall purpose of the Executive Coaching & Mentoring process is to develop leadership competencies and bring clarity, new insights and strategies to solve business problems. This Century Management process will:

All your actions are experimental in nature, and you are like a scientist. You are continually changing based on your experiments and the results (feedback) you get. However, sometimes you may get stuck in certain areas of your life and repeat the same failed experiments. This may be because you failed to develop a new set of beliefs/attitude/views that will get the right actions. The performance improvement loop shows this visually:


The Performance Improvement Loop

Your behaviour makes perfect sense based on your view of the situation. You are working perfectly to get the results you are getting. Your actions are based on how you anticipate an event to turn out.

When you are stuck it is necessary to understand the belief/view that is causing the behaviour and then evaluate which new beliefs are required to get the desired actions and results. If you, as leader, are stuck then the problem is compounded for your business. This is because the business is first and foremost a group of individuals who need leadership.

Change at any level, no matter how insignificant or subtle, can be perceived as a threat because it challenges your norms and values. The implementation of change through The Executive Coaching & Mentoring process is not a matter of using logic and rational argument. This approach will invariably evoke an emotional or political response because the change is seen through a set of filters that do not recognise intellectual analysis.

The process will enable you to unfreeze the current beliefs that challenge the change process. (This process is equally as important when people are willingly engaged in deciding the strategic direction of the organisation or department).

To achieve the objectives of the executive coaching & mentoring process the coach will go through the following process: