Competency Case Study

Case Study


The Client:

International Hotel Group with 3,000 employees with hotels in five countries on 60 locations.


The Case:

To profile the competencies for the Managing Director (MD) of each hotel.


The Method:

Century Management identified 20 top performers and got them to benchmark, calibrate and rank the necessary competencies for superior performance. We focus on the top quartile for these competencies.
We measured all 60 MDs against this benchmark and developed leadership strategies to bridge the ‘gaps’ that emerged for each individual MD.


The Outcome:

A personalised, specific piece of feedback was identified for each MD for coaching and development work. The Job Benchmark is used for recruiting new MDs to the position. A 12 month gap evaluation is conducted to ‘see’ progress.Other functional jobs throughout the hotel group have been benchmarked to show comparisons within, and between, different jobs.