What are Competencies?

What are Competencies?

Competency Overview

Competencies provide an integrated framework to describe role requirements, job definitions and performance issues. Comparing the competencies of individuals with best-practice job expectations, provides a platform to more easily deliver exceptional results.

So, What Are Competencies?

Century Management’s definition is that competencies are the combination of behaviours, attitudes, values, attributes, skills, learned practices and emotional intelligence applied by effective individuals, teams and organisations to deliver superior results.Ђќ They are definable, visible, open to measurement and capable of development. They are about who you are as well as what you do your collective learning and culture.

We apply a simple but powerful process, using our internet-based delivery system (IDS), to identify the key competencies required for peak performance. Business today requires highly motivated, personally responsible, clearly focused, quality people in every position, in every job, working together for maximum results. No matter what your business problem is, the bottom-line is the same, a superior business performance depends on your ability to develop highly competent individuals and teams.

Benchmarking Competencies

This is why we start off with benchmarking the competencies required by the job. We then measure the competencies of the person against the job ‘benchmark’. The identified ‘gaps’ are the specific areas for focused attention and tailored development and improvement. A competency approach can be used to strengthen other human performance improvement activities, such as:

When competencies are defined, measured and developed, they provide an internal common framework for your business to understand and align the skills, knowledge, emotional intelligence and behavioural benchmarks required to meet your strategic objectives.

By defining your competency requirements, you give your business a new opportunity to rise to new levels of excellence and performance through your people.