The term ‘Process‘ encapsulates all practical aspects of how a business is run, specifying each individual activity and task in the ‘transaction’ cycle, from identifying a potential customer to delivering the product or service to the customer, right through to invoicing, getting paid and checking for customer satisfaction.

Inherent in this definition is the understanding that all organisations have set ways of running their business or ‘processes’, whether they are formalised, documented or even labelled as such. And every organisation, irrespective of its’ number of years in business or phase in the business cycle, can benefit from reviewing, managing or even transforming its business processes.

Business Process Management (BPM) involves the design, documentation and installation of clear procedures and practices to ensure the efficient operation of a business. The reasons for embarking on a BPM programme can be manifold but usually the initiative will centre on one or both of the following key deliverables:


The Benefits of a Business Process Management (BPM)

The benefits of engaging in a programme of BPM are compelling: