The Strategy Pay-Off

The Strategy Pay-Off

Write Your Own Personal Strategy

The facilitation of strategy sessions is a core competency of Century Management. We distinguish these two distinct areas in the strategy process and we follow a seven step system. We also use a blend of tools and techniques, coupled with considerable experience, to achieve a significant outcome.

The purpose of strategy is to create business advantage, to maximise resources, make more informed and better quality decisions and maximise core competencies. Ultimately, it is to maximise the long-term return on investments.

The real pay-off is that everyone has a lot more focus and clarity, and one source to return to when there is doubt. Critical decisions are made more speedily and accurately. Delays and wastage are dramatically reduced. Responsiveness and productivity go through the roof. Good strategy has enormous beneficial ripple effects throughout the organisation and beyond.

A successful outcome from the Century Management STP process should be absolute clarity and focus around your uniqueness’, differentiation, and the fit between all your activities that give you competitive and sustainable advantage. Focusing on best practice improvement tends to give you tangible advantages that are easier to copy by your competitors. Intangible factors are difficult to imitate and therefore fall into what is described as strategy not operational improvement or best practice.