Work Life Balance Testimonials


“We deal in the business of good art’. In achieving this aim we must espouse the art of good business’. Century Management has helped us to develop a greater awareness of the human resource asset within the company and to create an environment where that potential can be fully realised. We also now possess a better understanding of our market and its constituent elements resulting in enhanced customer care programmes. The business of good art’ is specific, the art of good business’ is universal.”

Executive Director, Entertainment Company

“Although any business/institution engages in training primarily to improve the performance of its employees, the Century Management format is such that it encompasses broader issues, such as employees personal goals and ambitions. Staff in our hospital who recently attended a Management Development Programme conducted by Century Management found that their day-to-day managerial skills improved, and some have boasted goals being achieved d thanks to the holistic approach to managing their time learned from the programme. Of all of the topics covered, the time spent on the identification of personality types and extreme practical benefit in the day-to-day running of departments. We found Century Management both professional and efficient, and their client-centred approach resulted in a specific tailored programme for the Hospital, which proved successful.”

Human Resources Manager, Hospital