The Stress Test

The Stress Test

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There is no amount of success or achievement at work that can compensate for unhappiness in your personal or home life. The acid test is the degree of stress, tension or anxiety you feel between these two dimensions of your life.

Stress Test Questions

Answer these questions to give you an indicator of where you stand:

  1. Have you a well thought out written purpose for your life?
  2. Are there relationships or projects that annoy you now and then because they are unfinished or incomplete?
  3. Are there things that you have consistently avoided doing for inexplicable reasons?
  4. Do you have a constant sense of hurry in your life?
  5. Do you push unpleasant truths away from your consideration?
  6. Are you blaming anyone for your circumstances? Are you angry with them? Do you feel victimised?

These questions are designed to give you an overview of your current reality.

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