Odyssey – The Business of Consulting Book

Odyssey – The Business of Consulting Book coverThis book provides a career framework to help consultants build, grow and transform their consulting businesses by becoming brilliant on the basics.

This book is an ideal companion to the Odyssey Consulting Institute’s suite of learning materials detailing a proven system designed for consultants who want to work at the highest levels and achieve greater rewards. The consultant’s growth path outlined in the book demonstrates how a successful consultant builds a sustainable career by working through the Odyssey process.

Explaining what consultants must do to join the top 10 percent of the profession and be rewarded accordingly, this book delivers both the tools and the confidence to develop powerful relationships with the right people and drive greater value-based revenue.

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Be Not Afraid…I Go Before You

Be Not Afraid book coverA Collection of Stories filled with love, loss and hope, written by Loved Ones who have been Bereaved and compiled by Imelda K Butler.

Be Not Afraid…I Go Before You is a compilation of stories of love and loss written by partners, parents, children, siblings and friends who have been bereaved.

The purpose of this book is to bring understanding, healing, hope and insight to the reader who is bereaved as they acknowledge and reflect upon other stories from similar circumstances.

The profits from the book will be donated to Growth Reaching Africa (GRA), a registered Charity. The funds will be used to feed and educate children in rural Kenya.

Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation book front coverProven Strategies That Actually Work

This book offers a practical, proven system for bringing clarity and focus to your quest for maximizing the potential of your business. Every Business has a model but..

This book is a must for business owners, managers, executives, professional advisers and consultants who are interested in improving performance and creating wealth in business enterprises. This book presents an opportunity to integrate every element your business in one Synergistic whole.

The secret of an integrated business model?

Crossing the Rubicon: Seven Steps To Writing Your Own Personal Strategy

Crossing the Rubicon ebook front coverCrossing the Rubicon: Seven Steps to Writing Your Own Personal Strategy is a practical, proven, system to bring clarity and focus to your personal life and professional achievements.
This book is for everyone interested in maximising their personal and professional potential, personal effectiveness and financial prosperity.
In a clear, simple format author Imelda Butler takes you through some personal strategic steps that can be applied to your personal and professional life.
She shows you why you should think and act like the self-employed CEO of your own personal services company.

This book presents an opportunity to integrate the two most important parts of your life – who you are and what you do – so that you can live a full and fruitful life at home and at work.

The book has an accompanying workbook for you to complete your own Personal Strategic plan under the 7 Step process.

Know Yourself, Know Your Customer

Know Yourself Know Your Customer book coverWhen you do the ordinary things in sales, in an extraordinary way, you will come to know yourself and know your customer in a very special way.
You will reach your goals and be a champion in the ultimate human relations occupation of professional selling.

The first step towards success in any profession is to become totally absorbed in it.

Know Yourself, Know Your Customer gives you an underlying insight into how people “naturally” think, feel and act, and how to connect with more and more people to achieve a win/win result.
Based on the SUCCESS INSIGHTS system for superior sales competency, it offers you the chance to optimize your abilities as a customer relationship professional.
Using this easily learned and practical system, you will be able to sell to prospects and customers of every kind and description in less time and with less stress.

Successful Entrepreneurial Management

Successful Entrepeneurial Management book coverSuccessful Entrepreneurial Management is for everyone interested in personal achievement, professional success and creating business advantage.

In clear, simple terms, author John Butler makes a powerful economic case for creating a synergy that combines the natural and acquired skills of the entrepreneur with those of the corporate professional manager.

This new synergy will be critical to successful 21st century management.

With clarity and assurance, John Butler outlines techniques and strategies of how to:

This book represents change as an opportunity to grow and develop, and create advantage in all aspects of your life.