Century Management – Creating Business Advantage Through Strategic Human Performance Improvement


Jun 2013


Making a Decision

‘To know and not to do is not yet to know’ is how Confucius put this challenge more than 2,500 years ago. Not knowing that you don’t know is not as tragic as not doing what you do know. Indecisiveness is a critical choke point in the move from management to leadership. Appreciate that sloppy […]


Jun 2013


Vital Functions of Leadership

  Leadership is both a science and an art. In many ways it is easier than management. However the big challenge with leadership is tangibilising its functions and making sense of the role. There are five core vital functions about which leaders must have clarity and focus to be successful. These vital functions include total […]


Feb 2009


Entrepreneurial Management: How to Create Personal and Business Advantage

Business management challenges haunt the average manager in most businesses every day. Goals get blurred. Motivation sinks. The mission fades into the background. Innovation withers. Time management becomes a nonsense. This is  the time when  both manager and business owner develop a roving eye or rather a longing for a better way.This challenge is beyond change […]