A Race Against Time

I unearthed this story about Marathon the city and how marathons got their name

I thought you might be interested in the history of where  marathon the name came from and the background.

In 490 BC, the first battle of democracy was fought at the Greek village of Marathon. Though outnumbered by an invading Persian army, the Athenians fought for their lives and were victorious. As a result, the Greek way of life was preserved, laying the foundations of Western civilisation.

Legend has it that, when the battle was won, the Athenian messenger Pheidippides ran 38 kilometres to Athens carrying news of the victory. The modern marathon commemorates his feat.

The race in Athens (last week), began at Marathon and is the most symbolic and historically important marathon of them all. Those who take part in the Athens Marathon say it is an experience they’ll never forget.

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