Assessing Your Current Situation

People are often too busy ‘doing and working’ to take time out to assess and take stock of where they are now and where they want to go in the future. This applies to individuals and businesses alike. People get caught up in being busy rather that assessing their business and confuse busyness with business and progress. You are where you are because of you!

Strategy formulation and strategy management starts with ‘taking stock’ of your current situation analysis.

Your current situation is a snapshot of how you see the current ‘state of affairs ’in your personal/home life, your professional and business life. It is a kind of ‘balance sheet’ and a reality check of your key success indicators at this point and time. The overall objective is to bring clarity to your current situation, before you can focus on your future.

When you complete your current situation analysis it sets a platform to dream and plan into the future. Decide to conduct a current situation analysis on your personal, home, professional and business life. Conduct a personal assets analysis as you would complete an annual financial review.

To take a road trip the first step is to clearly identify where you are currently on the map just like the current situation assessment.

Use simple assessment tools to conduct this assessment eg. SWOT, The Success Index, Talent Analysis.

Assess your strengths and weaknesses, so you can develop and work to your strengths and manage your weaknesses.



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