Business Owner/Managers Need to Survive and Recalibrate

What’s your business goals in these trying times?

Ireland has been hit with an economic tsunami! So has everywhere else it seems.

What kind of business management culture do you want to develop?

What should you be doing as a business owner despite the storm?

Where is the business opportunity for you in the economic mess?

Are you still a workaholic manager?

Achieving a sense of work-life harmony is often a battle between ‘what you do’ and ‘who you are’ AND has more to do with emotional intelligence (Ei) than your intellectual quotient (IQ).

Is this also a critical differentiator between management (the what focus) and leadership (the who focus)?

Achieving a healthy work-life sense of harmony goes to the very core of who you are your character and lifestyle purpose with the more functional, glamorous or addiction of what you do your job and career ambitions.

It may be time to fundamentally rethink your approach to achieving this sense of harmony and getting business results.

The bottom line is this:

There is no amount of success or achievement at work that will compensate for unhappiness in your personal life or at home.

However, the opportunity to recalibrate your business focus also calls out for attention.

There is an opportunity to rethink, recalibrate as never before at this time ‘ particularly in Ireland ‘ where the pruning and cost cutting has been the order of the day for two years or more.

My belief is that its time to rethink your customer value proposition and sharpen the saw for the inevitable upswing in business.

So get yourself right first, then work on getting a critical element of your business model ready for the new more positive proactive challenges ahead.

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