Change Yourself

change yourself

The natural human condition is to remain in the comfort zone and a ‘protect my turf’ mentality easily emerges at the expense of the bigger goals. Of course not all change is necessary and a degree of critical analysis and resistance is often necessary.

The challenge often is to recognise when there is a need for change, without denial or ‘head in the sand’ syndrome.

How well do you feel you are managing change on a personal/business level?

Change is inevitable. The only question is how will you deal with it?? Will you be a master of change or a victim of change?

“All change is for the better. There is no such thing as change for the worse” So writes Neale Donald Walsch in the New York Times Bestseller book ‘When Everything Changes Change Everything’.

All change is 80% psychological and 20% practical. In order to change your world you must first change your thinking, which changes your beliefs, which changes your attitudes which then changes your emotions, your behaviours, your results and your habits. The starting point is to address your thinking and how it currently serves you – positive or negative??

‘You are not the body. You are not the mind. You are not even the soul. You are all three – and more. You are the spirit that forms all three. You are the energy. You are the essence’.

If you want to change, you must focus on ‘How to make the desired change’ recognising that the change is both necessary and valuable.

Kurt Lewin’s Three Steps to change:

  1. Unfreeze current thinking
  2. Establish the new way forward
  3. Refreeze the new way so it becomes the norm from here.

The secret is to change when you have a chance of winning or one day you may be forced to change when you have little chance of winning.

What do you think?

Do you accept that that change is inevitable whether we plan for it or not and how can you best manage and control that change?

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