Clarifying Your Values

What are you values? What are your core beliefs? What do you stand for? What virtues do you aspire to and hold in high regard when you see them demonstrated by others? Who are your heroes/heroines? And why? The challenge is to take the time to name and prioritise your values for you.

Values are at the very heart of what makes you competent and strategically focused. Values energise your talents and help align them with your purpose and destiny. Values shape your character. Your core values determine ‘who you are’ and how you do ‘what you do’. Your values are at the very epicentre of your ‘being’.

A personal value can be described as ‘what is important and significant to you as a human being’. Values are your core belief system and crystallise your perception of ‘what is right’ for you.

In the world of business the core values of an organisation can determine its culture and way of doing business

Complete a personal values exercise and write out your core values. The mechanics are quite simple.

  1. First, brainstorm your key words and phrases that constitute your personal and professional values.
  2. The next part of the exercise is to craft the key words and phrases into ‘value statements’. A personal value statement is often a simple, straight forward encapsulation of the obvious eg ‘to live my live with honesty and integrity.’
  3. Third, you need to rank them in order of importance. You will end up with four to five core value statements.

Values are at the heart of your being.

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