Creative Problem Solving in Business

creative problem solving in business

For many years companies and people did what they did because ‘that is the way it has always been done around here’.

This is no longer an acceptable tactic. Today’s business climate is changing rapidly and presenting many problems, difficulties and challenges for business owners and managers.

The question often asked today is ‘how can we see and address the problems and challenges of our business before it’s too late?’

How do we avoid the pitfalls that could destroy us?

We recommend that you don’t take the view that you have problems as that term has negative connotations; rather take the view that you have ‘a situation’ – at least that is a neutral term; and better still take the view that you are facing or addressing ‘challenges’.

You have a better chance of rising to a challenge, rather than being downtrodden by problems.

Encouraging an environment that embraces problems as challenges will set your business above your competition and inspire your team and business to rise to new levels of innovation, vision and success.

While Deming may have said “survival is not mandatory“, you now realise that creativity and innovation need to be part of your core competencies to survive, turnaround and grow you business for the future.

Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.

Teach your team some creative problem solving techniques like

The 7 Step Problem Solving Method:

  1. Clarify the problem in writing
  2. Gather the information and facts about the situation
  3. Redefine the problem into a focused problem solving statement
  4. Generate ideas and solutions on the issue
  5. Select the best solution
  6. Agree an implementation plan and assign responsibility to people you trust
  7. Set up a reporting and feedback system and measure progress.

What do you think?

Are problems / situations that arise seen in a negative light or do you view them as an opportunity to grow and improve?

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