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customer value

Value-based business is about putting an appreciative value on your work and your talent. If you position yourself as a profit improvement specialist, rather than somebody who brings generic solutions to problem solving, you give your customer very clear reasons as to why they should partner with you.

Remember, reasons are more important than features, benefits and methodology and your challenge is to focus on what outcomes the customer wants, what value is associated with these outcomes and how you are the obvious expert to help.

Demonstrate that your solution to a customer issue is an investment with a high return, it removes resistance and makes it easier to move forward.

Keeping your focus and concentration on the key numbers is imperative. Resist the temptation to talk about ‘what you can do’ and your deliverables. Focus on value.

Many Business Owners are confused about the term value. Value is a term that expresses the concept of worth in general. It is always connected to reasons for certain practices, policies or actions.

Focus on understanding your customers. Determine what is valuable to them and what outcomes and deliverables they are hoping to achieve and then determine, with them, the value associated with them achieving such outcomes.

Therefore, adding-value is exceeding the customer’s requirements or going that bit extra. Creating perceptions of unique added-value is the essence of all good marketing, but product and service delivery is where the rubber meets the road in value terms.

In your business, there are all sorts of opportunities to add-value to your offering to your clients/customers – seek them out.

What do you think?

Are you continuously aware of the customer requirements and expectations?

Do you meet these requirements and expectations?

Can you exceed them?

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