Get Brilliant at Marketing

You have probably heard of the 4Ps before. You know, the 4 Ps of Marketing Mix? They are: Product, Price, Place (distribution) and Promotion.

Consider that in business, the product is YOU and the other Ps get enhanced, developed and better because the you, the product, is made unique. To leverage from this position, is where many Business Owners/Managers struggle and have the opportunity to get better.!

In business, you are the PRODUCT: Get yourself operationally, strategically, physically, mentally, looking sharp. Many of the tips shared already in this series, can help you do just that.

PRICING: Your prices are best elevated with the value you create for your customers, combined with your expertise and experience.

PLACE: Determine your ideal customers, which includes many factors, one of which is geography and then position your availability within that geographic constraint.

PROMOTION: You can be your best promotion tool. Write a book, publish articles, do public speaking, get on radio and TV. Get out there and get in front of individuals and organizations.

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