Good Written Communications

Writing is a challenge for many good Business Owners. The challenge is encapsulated in the latin phrase “Reme tene …verba sequenteur”, which means;

“Grasp the subject…and the words will follow.”

Become good at writing, because if you don’t, it can be the death of your business.

Listening is the supreme skill.  Listen “to write,” listen for context, listen for underlying issues.

Check your ability to paraphrase what the customer has said in the form of a summary, or a note-pad immediately after the interview.

You will never be closer to your customer’s emotional state than immediately after the first meeting with them.

Become an LOQVE expert:

Customers will tell you everything you need to know, at the right time, if you create this zone between both of you.  This zone offers them and you, the relaxed safe zone to allow customers to articulate their issues, problems and opportunities and even sometimes their own answers to their own problems.

In many cases, it is just that they have never been offered the relaxed, safe zone before.  Create the safe zone and get good at LOQVE!

Then the writing gets easier, because you will have “grasped the subject…and then the words will follow.”

“Reme tene …verba sequenteur”,


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