How Models Succeed

I suspect you have heard the phrase, “a picture is worth a 1000 words” well consider that “a model is worth a 1000 pictures” and creating a model that communicates volumes about WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO as a Business Owner can differentiate you from most Business Owners and put you in a category of “one.”

Models succeed because they paint many pictures all at once.

Think about some of the best models you have seen in your lifetime.  No matter what shape or form they took, nor how many descriptive words they had associated with it, when you saw it and reviewed it, you got the concept and it was something of value, as that understanding became worth a 1000 pictures in your head, driving clarity for you.

In the business world and especially in the world of consulting, having that model, for you to share with potential customers, makes your positioning in a stronger position, driving you to be in the category of “one.”  Choose to create a model that captures the essence of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO as a Business Owner and it will increase your ability to communicate with customers the larger and more important concepts, giving you the leg up if you will.

Write down as many descriptions of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO.

Then, review other models you have seen to get ideas.  Ask yourself why some models work better than others in representing an idea, concept or ideology.  Take from those points and incorporate them in the drawing of your model, incorporating your specialty, expertise and ultimately, showing the WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO through an effective model.

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