Human Being not Human Doing

Many people work so hard ‘doing stuff’ they never get an opportunity to stop and reflect and ‘enjoy life’.

human doing

Many people never find their talents and struggle in the wrong occupations resulting in stress and anxiety in life and work. The underlying challenge is to identify the true purpose and meaning of life for each person.

There are two important twin aspects of each person – the link between ‘who you are’ and ‘what you do’.

Who you are is often referred to as Personal Mastery which is measured by your quality of life, by how you feel in your heart and spirit, by how happy you are in life and work. It is measured by your character, your confidence and your personal maturity. It’s about making a life. This is the human ‘Being’ part of life

What you do is referred to as Performance Management which is measured by what you do in work and life, your career, your performance, your results, your functional and technical competencies. It’s about making a living. This is the human ‘Doing’ part of life.

The secret in life is to combine who you are with what you do so you can live your life in harmony or ‘as within so without’ as the old proverb says!

1. Identify how you well you score yourself on your Personal Mastery and your Performance Management.

2. Identify areas for improvement

3. Take action immediately to improve your wellbeing.

The greatest shame would be that you go to your grave with your music still in you.

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