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One of the biggest challenges for people is finding the time to learn new ways of thinking, working and living when they are caught in fire fighting the issues of everyday life.

The second main challenge regarding learning is the propensity to remain in old habits and a comfort zone of ‘doing things the way they have always been done’.

Therefore there must be a strong motivation to want to learn something new. This motivation can sometimes be forced because of a crisis – eg loss of job – need to up-skill or learn new skills.

Creative learning helps you make more progress more easily and with less effort by tapping into best practice methodologies that have been developed by master learners over time.

Changing the way you think will change the way you feel, which, is the road to changing your behaviours and results.

Learning means changing. It is a personal, team and whole organisational change process.

The underlying purpose of learning is to unlock your ‘potential genius’ and produce whole brain, natural, fun learning which should in turn help you maximise your brain power and use all your intelligence and competencies to their full potential.

The learning organisation is one that appreciates learning as a fundamental component in changing and growth.

Today learning and changing go hand in hand.

The fact is learners become leaders and all leaders are learners.

‘If you don’t change and learn when you have a chance of winning, one day you may be forced to change when you have no chance of winning’

Jack Welch former CEO of GE

What do you think?

Are you continuously learning and applying new knowledge in your life?

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