Listen with Your Heart

Interpersonal communications can be fraught with mis-interpretation. Often what is meant is not what is said and then it can be mis-interpreted anyway. Hence the difficulty in understanding and becoming a master communicator.

Listen with Your Heart

How can you expect someone else to understand you when you don’t truly understand yourself?

Lack of communications is cited as the number one reason in most organisations’ stress and the primary reason for relationship breakdowns. Communications is to a relationship as blood is to the body. Without either there is no life. Listening with the heart is a selfless deed and epitomizes care and respect for the other person and allows you be present in the moment for the other person. It means paying attention.

Take time to be there to listen with your heart to your loved ones. It will show respect and care and will be reciprocated 100 fold.

Forget about yourself and your agenda.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Get yourself out of the way and connect with the other person.


What is the quality of communication in your relationships?

Are you prepared to show respect for those around you by listening without an agenda?

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