Managing Your Stress


Stress can build up when you start to think and believe the demands put upon you exceed your experience, time or resources. This often leads to a sence of ‘out of control’.

While some people might thrive on stress – calling it a challenge – many find it a negative experience. In today’s connected world many find it increasingly difficult to switch off from the stresses of the workplace.

World Health Organization statistics tell us that stress related illness will be the biggest cause of illness in the workplace by 2012.

The secret to dealing with stress is to recognize it and what is causing it. Confront the problem causing the stress and deal with it by changing what needs to be changed to relief the stress.

Successful time and self management are essential parts of managing stressful challenging situations. In the workplace take ‘control’ of the controllables. Take action to alleviate stressful situations where possible and avoid burn-out in work and home as the recovery can be lengthy.

STOP, take a deep breath or several deep breaths and take back control of your emotions and behaviours. Get your diary out and make a list and a plan of action and get busy on doing what you can do and delegate what you cannot do. Finally take a long walk in the park or have meditation session.

Dare to relax

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