Models Matter

When you think about the terms model, super-model or modelling do you first think about someone on the catwalk displaying next seasons fashion garment, or do you think about model airplanes from World War II, or are you thinking about the style, type, design and model of your next motor car, or do you think − as a business owner − about a management, or business models?

The good news is a business model can contribute significantly to the resolution of this business challenge. The business model provides a platform to keep you operationally and strategically in alignment and show-cases the values, ethics and core purpose of a business in a powerful and visible way.

Design and choose models that allow you to take the complex story of a business in a very simple metaphorical way so that even consumers, customers and ordinary citizens can grasp the big idea very quickly. More importantly design and choose models that allow the executive and other stakeholders to stay true to the same strategy and culture that make the system work.

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